Natural warmth

A hug is a one-to-one affair. A person can hardly embrace more than one person in their arms. Thus, in Rio de Sol® we understand that each person is unique and so we relate to each person in a personal, not personalised, way. 

A hug is a human act and, therefore, warm by nature. Ultimately, if we are alive, our body is producing warmth. And so in Rio de Sol® warmth is present all year round.

A hug is never alike another one, neither is it symmetric or perfect. Because humans are unique too, we encourage and support all ways of being.

A hug makes us belong, feel part of something, accepted. Likewise, Rio de Sol® equally embraces everyone and even everything around us. We believe that human wellbeing depends on the planet’s wellbeing.

A hug makes us feel well, physical, mental, and emotionally. Rio de Sol® inspires optimism and contributes with a positive impact in and out of the sea, in everything we do: each garment, each word, each initiative.

A hug is the most natural expression of being human. The simplicity of a hug is everything we need and receive when we are born. It’s our source of warmth, wellbeing and happiness since the very first moment of life.

Embraced… is how we aim people and the planet to feel with Rio de Sol®. This way, we are able to build a better future for us all and make the difference we want to see in people’s life, society and the planet.